M. Schumacher exit only small blow for Germany

Mon, 5 March 2007, 09:36

Michael Schumacher’s retirement will have little impact on the popularity of formula one in Germany.

Although the seven time world champion’s success in the 90s ignited the popularity of grand prix racing in the country, that is the finding of DSF, a German sports channel.

A poll of 500 men between the target-group ages of 14 and 49 found that for 67 per cent, Schumacher’s withdrawal has not significantly changed their interest in the sport.

For the men who reported a ‘big’ or ‘very big’ interest in formula one, the percentage of those unaffected by Schumacher’s new career rose to 78%.

“Michael’s fans will miss Michael,” BMW’s German racer Nick Heidfeld told the newspaper Bild an Sonntag, “but I promise that without him formula one is not going to be boring.”

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