M. Schumacher hints Ferrari boss role unlikely

Thu, 15 February 2007, 12:37

Michael Schumacher indicated on Wednesday that he is not on the verge of becoming Ferrari’s new team boss.

According to a rampant rumour, the former seven time world champion’s current advisory role is merely a prelude to a new career on the pit wall at grands prix.

But on a visit to the last day of European testing this pre-season, Schumacher – fresh from a holiday in the Maldives – said in Barcelona: “I am not going to go to all the races this year, but I will go to some in Europe.”

The 38-year-old’s long time manager Willi Weber also stepped up his rejection of the speculation as he told the newspaper Bild: “If Michael had wanted to have a full time job at race tracks then he would have stayed as a driver.”

Weber admitted that Schumacher is attending a lot of internal team meetings at Maranello with Jean Todt, but said it is more a reflection of the successful German’s personality than any preparation for a new job.

“If Michael decides to do something, then he does it with 110 per cent of his attention,” Weber said.

Ferrari spokesman Luca Colajanni also denied the story, which originally appeared in the magazine Auto Motor und Sport.

“Michael is clearly involved with the team, but this report is nonsense,” Colajanni, who is the head of Ferrari’s Motor Sport Press Office, said.


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