M. Schumacher to drive Ferrari at major F1 test

Tue, 6 November 2007, 12:29

Michael Schumacher will drive Ferrari’s 2007 formula one car at the upcoming post-season test at Circuit de Catalunya.

The retired seven time world champion has ruled out wild speculation that he might replace Fernando Alonso at McLaren next year.

But it did emerge late on Monday that Schumacher, who raced for the Italian team between 1996 and last year, will emerge from the Ferrari garage early next week at the wheel of the championship-winning F2007 in Barcelona.

At Valencia where the German impressively tested Ducati’s MotoGP bike on Monday, Schumacher told the newspaper Bild-Zeitung that he would test the Ferrari not for fun but to contribute to the team’s development programme ahead of the traction control ban in 2008.

“I am glad that I can help the team,” he said.

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