Madrid is ‘going to sign’ F1 race deal

Fri, 14 July 2023, 10:00

Jul.14 (GMM) Organisers of a grand prix in Madrid claim they will soon be signing a race contract with Formula 1.

In recent months, rumours have ramped up about a potential rival bid for the existing Spanish GP in Barcelona.

“Yeah, I’ve heard of the project and everything,” Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz said, when asked about the proposed street circuit event.

“I just can say that I will do my maximum and just to ensure that there’s still a Spanish GP, independently of where,” the Spaniard added.

On Thursday, the president of Ifema, the entity in charge of the organisation of major events in Madrid, claimed that a race deal is close.

“We have a confidentiality agreement and I cannot reveal when we are going to have the contract,” said Ifema president Jose Vicente de los Mozos.

“But I know when we are going to sign it and when we are going to announce it,” he added.

“I speak with Stefano Domenicali and there is mutual trust. We are going to do things together.”

As for whether a new event in Madrid would oust Barcelona from the calendar, de los Mozos answered: “If in the end there are two, as there was in the past, I’m delighted.

“But I speak and work for Madrid.”

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