Malaysia GP – Could Vettel have a chance in dry track?

Sat, 28 March 2015, 08:56

The weather forecast for tomorrow is that it will not rain during the race. This fact raises a question: Sebastian Vettel will be able to repeat the excellent performance achieved during qualifying? The logical answer would be no, because the superiority of Mercedes, but the progress made by Ferrari and the qualities of the German four times world champion can bring at least more excitement. A Sebastian’s victory in normal conditions would be a pleasant surprise and would surely bring more emotion to the championship.
Sepang presents two straight where to use the DRS and both precedes low-velocity curves. Unlike the Melbourne’s track two weeks ago, the Asian circuit allows overtaking.
Starting from the premise that, in fact, will not rain in the race, we just need to see no incidents at the forefront and expects that they will be able to complete the first lap without accidents.
Vettel gave an extra attraction being the fastest car available in the Malaysian GP, ​​after the Mercedes. For that reason, it makes sense to expect a great race also for Kimi Raikkonen, the German champion team-mate. The Finnish complained of Ferrari release it to leave the pits in Q2, classification, “a little late.” In traffic, when it began to rain, Raikkonen failed to set a time to take him to the Q3. Will start at 11th.
– It will make a lot of heat during the race and the tires will be a problem. And we are well in this regard. In wet our car did not behave as well as in the dry. If it does not rain we should be quick – said Raikkonen, who did not finish the Australian Grand Prix, because of the SF15-T rear left wheel comes off after the second pit stop. But his pace resembled, in a moment, the Mercedes of Rosberg.
Williams seems to be behind from Ferrari at this moment and Red Bull showed some improvement with Ricciardo taking fourth and Kvyat fifth. Anyway, will be hard to the Reds be able to resist an attack from Williams.
Just a final reminder: in Malaysia one never be sure about weather forecast, so, don’t be surprised if we see a perfect storm during the race tomorrow.

by Ialdo Belo

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