Manager not worried about Ralf’s contract

Tue, 15 May 2007, 12:11

Ralf Schumacher’s manager has expressed confidence that the beleaguered driver will soon return to the front of the formula one grid.

In Barcelona for the Spanish grand prix last weekend, Hans Mahr also insisted that Schumacher’s personal struggle with the 2007 Toyota will not leave the German without a cockpit next year.

Ralf, 31, has been outqualified by his teammate Jarno Trulli at every GP so far this year, despite enjoying a significantly higher retainer.

Asked about Ralf’s expiring contract, manager Mahr told the F1 broadcaster ‘Premiere’: “We are at the fourth race of 17; there is still plenty of time.

“Only in the summer will we begin to discuss it properly.”

He denied that Jarno Trulli’s contract extension last year made Ralf “nervous” about his position within the Japanese group.

“Jarno’s contract was due to be discussed last year, and Ralf’s is due in the middle of this year,” Mahr explained.

He said: “I am not worried. Ralf is one of the very best drivers, even if he is having a little problem with the setup of the car at the moment.

“But it will be put right and Ralf will ride along with the pace — of that I am certain.”

Mahr said he did not know if events so far in 2007 had damaged Schumacher’s contract value.

“I also do not know what the other drivers earn,” he insisted. “We will arrive at a contract which corresponds with Ralf’s achievements — and those achievements will continue to improve.”

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