Manager vows to improve Ralf’s image

Tue, 23 January 2007, 04:49

Ralf Schumacher’s manager has vowed to improve the Toyota racer’s image.

Although his elder brother Michael still works with Willi Weber, the German split with his long time manager in late 2005.

Announced last year, Weber’s replacement alongside Ralf is Hans Mahr, a veteran of the world of German TV and media.

Mahr admitted to that improving Schumacher’s problematic image is a “challenge”.

“I see Ralf as quite accessible for the fans,” he said, “but in this area you can always offer more.”

For example, Mahr has already pushed Ralf into appearing on the German version of ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’, and said he sees Michael Schumacher’s retirement as a “new start” for F1.

“And in this era Ralf is in a comfortable position,” Mahr insisted.

Mahr admitted that Ralf’s prickly personality has some “rough edges”, and hoped that a competitive car this year will do the work for him.

“But in formula one we need some characters — there are enough soft drivers.

“The best promotion, however, is sporting success. Everything else will follow.”


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