Manufacturer to replace smashed Verstappen trophy

Tue, 25 July 2023, 09:00

Jul.25 (GMM) The maker of the unique porcelain Hungarian GP trophies has vowed to replace the one presented to race winner Max Verstappen on Sunday.

The hand-made vase, worth a reported EUR 45,000, tipped over and smashed when second-placed Lando Norris banged his champagne bottle onto the podium.

“Max just placed it too close to the edge,” the McLaren driver joked afterwards. “Not my problem – it’s his!”

The CEO of the trophy maker Herendi Porcelanmanufaktura, Attila Simon, told Hungarian television M4 Sport: “The teams should work out who is to blame among themselves, but we take on the joyous and heavy burden of making it again.”

He added that all Herendi creations are guaranteed for life, and that work on Verstappen’s new trophy have already begun.

A spokesperson for the manufacturer commented: “We will replace the trophy as part of our national image.”

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