Massa defends Ferrari amid new car criticism

Mon, 19 February 2007, 02:34

Felipe Massa has defended Ferrari amid suggestions that designers might have made a mighty blunder with the new ‘F2007’ car.

Rival engineers expressed surprise that the red racer’s wheelbase has been extended by as much as 85 millimetres compared with its predecessor, when shortening the cars is generally accepted as the best way to cope with the new Bridgestone control tyres.

Brazilian Massa, 25, told his website: “It’s not important what people outside the team say. What is important is what we achieve on track.

“The new car is the work of the same people who produced the 2006 car, so why should they not be able to do a good job again? They have not forgotten how to design a car in just a few weeks.

“If the car looks different to last year’s, then it is because we felt that was the way to go, and at the moment it is working very well,” he added.

Massa denied that the departure of Michael Schumacher and Ross Brawn has radically changed the culture of the Maranello based squad.

He admitted: “For sure, we will need to get used to working with some new people coming into the team and we will have to adapt, but for now all is going smoothly.”


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