Massa not Brazilian motor sport saviour

Tue, 13 December 2016, 08:35

Dec.13 (GMM) Felipe Massa has ruled out going it alone to put Brazil back on track for a healthy future in F1.

With the former Ferrari and Williams driver now retiring, it seems the only other Brazilian on the grid, Felipe Nasr, looks set to lose his place at Sauber.

So with his respected reputation, experience, money and now time on his hands, Massa was asked by UOL Esporte if he can help bring along the next generation of Brazilian F1 drivers.

“I would help,” the 35-year-old answered, “but only with the (Brazilian) federation supporting me. I would not get anything done alone.

“I think it’s the mentality that needs to change so that it’s possible to put together categories that will help drivers get to F1 again,” Massa added.

Massa actually founded the Brazilian category Formula Futuro Fiat in 2010, but it collapsed after two seasons.

“I tried a lot to help, I did my best to help Brazilian motor sport and spent money doing it, but I understood at that moment that Brazilian motor racing did not want to be helped.

“So who am I to say what should be done?”

Massa also brought together big name drivers like Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso to an annual Brazilian kart race that ran until 2014, but that was also axed.

“My initial idea was to have fun and help people — not to make money,” he said. “But the event was too big and it became a financial issue, and some situations appeared that I did not feel comfortable about.”

Massa is yet to announce his plans for 2017, but he is expected to race in Formula E or DTM whilst attending some grands prix to commentate for Italian TV.

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