Massa sues F1, FIA for $82m over 2008 ‘crashgate’

Tue, 12 March 2024, 09:00

Mar.12 (GMM) Felipe Massa has followed through on his threat to sue Formula 1 for “justice” relating the outcome of the 2008 world championship.

The former Ferrari driver, who has been absent in his role as a part-time F1 ambassador over the controversy, began his quest for a review of the circumstances surrounding the ‘crashgate’ scandal following comments made by ex-F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone last year.

Ecclestone said the sport had “enough information in time to investigate the matter” in 2008 and “cancel the (results of the) race in Singapore” prior to Lewis Hamilton being cemented in place as the champion of that season.

“Attempts to find an amicable resolution have been unsuccessful,” Massa’s lawyers have now declared, “leaving Mr Massa with no choice but to initiate legal proceedings.”

Those legal proceedings have now been filed in London’s High Court.

“Mr Massa also seeks damages for the significant financial loss he has suffered due to the FIA’s failure, in which Mr Ecclestone and FOM were also complicit,” the lawyers added.

Reports in the British newspapers cited a document showing that Massa, 42, is seeking at least $82 million.

And although Ecclestone is among those being sued, he was quoted as saying by the Guardian on Monday: “If he had asked me, I would have said it was the complete right thing to do, to sue, and to let an English judge decide what is right and wrong.”

Some, though, have heavily criticised the Brazilian driver for sour grapes.

Although FIA and Liberty Media-run F1 declined to comment, Massa told Brazilian broadcaster Globo on Monday: “I always said I would fight until the end.

“As the FIA and FOM have decided to do nothing, we will seek redress of this historic injustice in the courts. The matter is now with the lawyers and they are fully authorised to do whatever is necessary so that justice in the sport is done.”

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