McLaren appeal set for November 15

Sat, 27 October 2007, 02:18

An appeal lodged by McLaren that could alter the outcome of the 2007 drivers’ championship will be heard by the Court of Appeal on November 15.

Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen was crowned at Interlagos last Sunday, but if three cars had been excluded by stewards for allegedly using illegally cold fuel, Lewis Hamilton would have scored enough points to beat the Finn.

McLaren is appealing the stewards’ decision to not penalise both Williams and BMW-Sauber cars even though scrutineers identified a discrepancy.

FIA president Max Mosley, however, is downplaying the possibility of Hamilton being handed the title on appeal.

“You could argue whether McLaren had a right to appeal the stewards’ judgment,” he is quoted as saying by the British broadsheet newspaper The Guardian.

“They could have protested the result of the race but they didn’t. But even if the cars classified ahead of Hamilton would be excluded, would this change his position?

“The court of appeal will have to rule on that,” Mosley added.

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