McLaren duo played video game amid ‘team orders’ storm

Fri, 8 June 2007, 02:29

Lewis Hamilton put the brakes on rumours of an internal rift with his teammate Fernando Alonso in Montreal by talking about a video game.

As the media continued to explore the ‘team orders’ saga of the recent Monaco grand prix in the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve paddock, Hamilton and Alonso came armed with comments designed to douse the journalists’ fires.

Rookie Hamilton, however, went another step further as he insisted that there are no hard feelings inside the McLaren camp — especially once the sun has set on the race track.

He was asked by one reporter on Thursday if any heated meetings with either team boss Ron Dennis or Spaniard Alonso had taken place in the hours after the race.

He answered: “Fernando and I sat in our (motor home) room and played basketball, because we have a PlayStation.

“It was ‘NBA 2007’.

“We are both really competitive and I must say that Fernando is really good — he must play a lot!

“So we were playing, Fernando was really happy about his (Monaco) victory and I was pleased for the team.”

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