McLaren may ‘swallow’ $100m fine – Dennis

Sat, 15 September 2007, 05:43

Ron Dennis revealed at Spa-Francorchamps that McLaren may decide to simply pay its $100m spy fine without lodging an appeal.

The penalised team has a week to appeal the World Motor Sport Council’s decision, but McLaren chairman Dennis said he might be prepared to swallow the fine so that the protracted espionage scandal has “closure”.

“The other teams I hope will understand the financial penalty we will swallow in the interests of the sport,” he told reporters on Friday, adding that McLaren is able to pay in full without risking going out of business.

It is rumoured that Dennis’ complete acceptance of the FIA sanction might be in exchange for the ending of any separate legal action, such as that waged by Ferrari in Italy.

He insists that the fine is “disproportionate” to the wrongdoing.

But the closure would be “for formula one”, Dennis added. “I don’t want to drag this thing out. It has to be complete closure.”

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