McLaren to dominate – Stoddart

Mon, 9 January 2006, 12:30

According to Ex-Minardi Team Boss Paul Stoddart McLaren will dominate Formula 1 in the next couple of years. This follows the signing of both World Champion Fernando Alonso as driver and Vodafone as new title sponsor.

Says Stoddart to BBC Radio: “Ron Dennis and his people are not messing around. They’re making statements not just with Fernando but also with Vodafone and various other things that they are contenders for the championship.
I think a lot is going to depend on how Ferrari will react in the next 12 months. Clearly they have been the dominant force in five out of the last six years and no doubt a lot of that is down to Michael. (Ferrari) lost the plot last season though. A lot of people blamed Bridgestone but it wasn’t entirely their fault. And I don’t think anyone thinks Michael is less of a driver, but he is clearly getting older now and Fernando is the young talent coming through.”

A bold statement to make following McLaren’s loss of Adrian Newey…

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