McLaren tried to involve Renault in spy case

Wed, 12 September 2007, 03:06

A FIA spokesman has strengthened speculation that McLaren tried to drag Renault into F1’s escalating espionage affair ahead of the World Council hearing on Thursday.

Following rumours that boss Ron Dennis is in possession of potentially explosive evidence that could incriminate the French team as well as Ferrari, the governing body was contacted for comment.

ITV quotes a FIA spokesman as confirming that “certain matters regarding Renault F1” have been raised in recent days by McLaren, as the Woking based team prepares to face new and potentially damning evidence at the World Motor Sport Council on Thursday.

It is understood that McLaren’s information about Renault and Ferrari is technical in nature, rather than relating specifically to the spy scandal.

“We can confirm that McLaren lawyers have recently brought to our attention certain matters regarding Renault F1,” the FIA spokesman said.

“But we can also confirm that the (Renault) team does not form any part of our investigations into McLaren’s alleged breach of Article 151c of the International Sporting Code.

“The FIA has reminded McLaren that the World Council hearing in Paris on Thursday will focus solely on the new evidence in that investigation.

“To the extent required, any other matters will be dealt with as part of an entirely separate process.

“Renault F1 is aware of this and is happy to cooperate.”

Renault boss Flavio Briatore told La Gazzetta dello Sport: “(Dennis is) throwing stones a bit everywhere. We are calm, no problem at all.”

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