Mercedes to finally use controversial wheels

Sat, 24 November 2018, 07:35

Nov.24 (GMM) Mercedes looks set to use its controversial wheel rim design this weekend in Abu Dhabi.

In the past few races, Ferrari has argued to the FIA that the holes in the rims contravened the rules about moveable aerodynamic parts.

Mercedes, therefore, kept filling the holes with silicone.

“We tested them on Friday and now we will decide if we will use them in qualifying and the race and in what form — opening the holes or not,” Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff said in Abu Dhabi.

“We wanted to avoid disputes over this during the season,” he explained.

“Ferrari did not like the design, and although we received permission from the FIA, we did not want the fate of the championship to be decided in a courtroom.

“Now that everything in the championships is decided, we can argue about this after the race without it affecting the results of the championship,” Wolff declared.

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