Monaco crown Rosberg

Sun, 24 May 2015, 04:29

In a spectacular reversal caused by a Mercedes strategy error, Nico Rosberg won the Monaco Grand Prix for the third consecutive time, tying up the geniuses of the sport Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost and Graham Hill.

The race had strong emotions, such as the accident caused by Max Verstappen in an attempt to overtake Romain Grosjean. Fortunately, the young Dutchman had no injuries.

The highlight, however, occurred just after the accident: with the safety car on the track, some drivers took the opportunity to change tires and Mercedes inexplicably called Hamilton for the procedure. As Rosberg and Vettel did not exchange the tires, Lewis returned to the track in third place, setting off a frenetic attempt to recover the lost positions but unable to overcome even Vettel.

Thus, the difference between him and Rosberg in the championship fell to just 10 points, enabling a possibility of a change in the season’s leadership in the next GP of Canada.

Jenson Button conquered the first points for McLaren Honda finishing in position 8, while Alonso once more did not finish because of engine problems.

Top Ten Results

1 – Rosberg
2 – Vettel
3 – Hamilton
4- Kvyat
5- Ricciardo
6 – Räikkönen
7 – Perez
8 – Button
9 – Nasr
10 – Sainz

Ialdo Belo

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