Monaco has made Ferrari stronger, says Brawn

Sun, 28 May 2006, 08:07

Ferrari’s nightmare and controversial weekend at Monaco has only made the team stronger, according to Ross Brawn.

Following his downgrading from pole position to the pit lane after a stewards’ penalty on Saturday, Michael Schumacher – with the fastest race lap – finished a noteworthy fifth.

”Difficult circumstances only make Ferrari stronger,” said Briton Brawn, no doubt referring to the wave of critical noise that had engulfed the paddock.

He added: ”What happened this weekend has made us more determined to succeed in the world championship.”

Brawn expressed satisfaction with the Monte Carlo result, even though Schumacher’s teammate Felipe Massa failed to emerge from his qualifying crash with a point.

But referring to Schumacher’s four points, he said: ”We needed to score something, so that we did not lose touch in the championship.

”Michael had clearly the best car in the race, and in my opinion he was also the best driver,” Brawn insisted.

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