Monaco shocker gives Ferrari Brit boost

Thu, 8 June 2006, 11:46

Ironically, Ferrari’s shocker at Monte Carlo might actually give the Italian team a boost for the British grand prix.

With Michael Schumacher’s Rascasse penalty, and Felipe Massa’s qualifying crash a fortnight ago, the Maranello based outfit decided to change both drivers’ engines before the race.

As a result, the pair – and most notably Schumacher, the championship challenger – arrive in England with extra practice mileage up their sleeves in order to tune their cars to the track. Usually, due to the two-race engine rule, teams run severely limited practice laps in order to save performance for qualifying and the race.

”The mileage at Monaco for those engines has only been 280 kilometres,” said technical director Ross Brawn.

He explained: ”That leaves us a lot of mileage at Silverstone, so it means we can run a full day on Friday and a full day on Saturday.”

Schumacher and Ferrari lie, respectively, 21 and 28 points behind Renault in the drivers’ and constructors’ tables.

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