Montreal mishap makes me stronger – Hamilton

Wed, 11 June 2008, 10:23

Lewis Hamilton insists that falling foul of the usually rapturous British media contingent after bumping out of the Canadian grand prix will not dent his confidence ahead of the next race.

The McLaren driver will be demoted ten positions on the Magny Cours grid next weekend for ignoring a pitlane traffic light at Montreal and smashing into Kimi Raikkonen’s duly stationary Ferrari.

But despite the crash, his lost championship lead, the French GP setback, and the widespread criticism of his rookie error, 23-year-old Hamilton insists that the chapter “will make no difference” to his mindset.

“It hasn’t knocked me confidence-wise. I’m not gutted or disappointed,” British newspapers quote him as saying this week.

“You can’t win them all. Going forward the mood is strong. The fact is we destroyed everyone (in Canada). With the car we have right now there is no stopping us.

“This makes me stronger. I can’t wait for Magny Cours.”

McLaren’s Finnish team doctor, Aki Hintsa, insists that Hamilton’s show of confidence after the Canadian mishap is not empty rhetoric.

“We have sophisticated ways of measuring these things and I can tell you Lewis has improved physically and mentally since the start of the season,” he told British reporters.

“His statistics are very impressive and from those I can tell you this will not affect him one little bit,” Hintsa added.

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