Monza banners attack McLaren’s Dennis

Mon, 10 September 2007, 03:00

Ron Dennis’ reputation took a pounding on Sunday — in the Monza grandstands.

Ferrari’s passionate ‘Tifosi’ showed no trackside mercy for the McLaren boss, as he grapples with the espionage affair and a reportedly unhappy driver in the form of reigning double world champion Fernando Alonso.

“Dennis, get your F2008 drawings here — please call me! Phone: 003406812345”, read one mischievous banner.

Two more spectator scribblings pointed the finger at Dennis’ handling of the Alonso situation, after the Spaniard recently complained that he had not yet felt the rewards for his efforts this season.

“Ron, last year’s McLaren was a crock, now you are winning,” another banner began. “Will Alonso have something to do with it?”

A third banner was a personal message for 26-year-old Alonso: “You’ve helped them to win, they’ve helped you to lose. Where is equality? Where is fair play?”

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