Mosley, Dennis, continue spy row

Sat, 15 September 2007, 05:45

As qualifying prepared to take place at Spa-Francorchamps, a new row was brewing between Ron Dennis and FIA president Max Mosley.

While speaking to reporters about the espionage affair at the Belgian circuit, Mosley praised Fernando Alonso for blowing the whistle about incriminating emails.

The Briton’s account did not match up with that of McLaren boss Dennis, who on Friday said he was in fact the source of the tip-off.

Mosley said he received a phone call from Dennis before the Hungarian GP following the now widely reported argument with Alonso.

Dennis told Mosley that the Spaniard was “threatening” to take incriminating evidence to the FIA.

“And then Ron said, ‘But there isn’t any information’,” Mosley told reporters.

“(He said): ‘(It’s) a completely empty threat. There’s no information, there’s nothing to come out’.”

Mosley said he then wrote a letter to Alonso and the other McLaren drivers, and Alonso replied with the emails.

Dennis reacted to Mosley’s comments by denying that he lied to the FIA.

“I put my integrity above everything,” the McLaren boss said in an interview with ITV.

To the news agency Reuters, however, he admitted that his relationship with Alonso is far from cosy.

Dennis said: “My job is to win the world championship. My job isn’t for people to love and hug me.”

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