Mosley, Hamilton, disagree over ‘tainted’ title

Mon, 17 September 2007, 02:56

Max Mosley said he would have preferred to see Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso kicked out of the 2007 title chase, because their championship win will be tainted anyway.

The FIA president revealed at Spa-Francorchamps that most of the “lawyers” at the World Motor Sport Council hearing, including himself – as distinct from those with purely racing backgrounds – last Thursday wanted McLaren totally excluded from the season, after the team was found guilty of cheating.

“They argued: how can you give the world champion’s cup to someone who may have had an unfair advantage over other drivers?” he said on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Sportsweek programme.

“There will always be a question mark over it, there has to be, because nobody knows how big an advantage they had from that.”

Mosley said British rookie Hamilton will agree that this year’s contest has been tainted by the spying affair.

“I think he will probably feel more comfortable if he wins a subsequent championship, which I am sure he will, without any of these question marks,” he said.

“That (McLaren) had an advantage is almost beyond dispute.”

But Hamilton, after seeing his three point advantage over Alonso whittle down to two points at Spa on Sunday, said he does not agree.

“I don’t really have anything to say to or about Max Mosley,” said the 22-year-old.

“We’ve all worked hard this year. The way I feel is that the team has done nothing wrong — and neither have I.

“I don’t see why people should say, if I win, it’s a tainted championship.”

Hamilton, however, had to admit to underperforming in comparison to Alonso in Belgium and also Monza a week earlier, but suggested that he was perhaps more affected by the espionage scandal than was his teammate.

“I feel more attached to the team, I guess, and I care a bit more,” he told reporters.

“I just need to pull my socks up. I think I just need to refocus myself.”

Hamilton also said Alonso was making use of his experience in closing down the points deficit in the closing races of a title chase.

“I don’t know whether it has caught me out but, for sure, experience is always an advantage,” he said.

“But in the last couple of races I haven’t been able to really fully fine-tune the car and really feel 100 per cent so when that happens you’re bound to lose some time.”

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