Mosley repeats threat to strip F1 licences

Thu, 21 December 2006, 03:51

Max Mosley has repeated his threat to strip F1 drivers of their Super Licences over an argument about safety.

Angered about the GPDA’s complaints concerning the Monza circuit earlier this year, the FIA president wrote the driver union a letter warning its directors to leave the issue of safety to experts.

“We will always listen to drivers, but the decisions must be ours,” Mosley wrote in his latest column for the British magazine F1 Racing, amid drivers’ new threats to boycott tests because of lagging safety.

“And if we have to lose a race or two or a few licences to make a point, we will. It will be better for the sport in the long run.”

66-year-old Mosley hit out at some drivers’ response to his initial warning about interfering, presumably including David Coulthard’s insistence that the GPDA would not be “intimidated” by the FIA.

Mosley wrote: “Not the most intelligent of responses, you may think, to a gentle warning.

“We obviously cannot have two bodies telling circuits what is required.”


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