Mosley scandal moves on to French court

Thu, 22 September 2011, 09:35

Sep.22 (GMM) Almost four years after the News of the World scandal first broke, Max Mosley is still chasing the saga in court.

Since early 2008 when Briton Mosley was filmed with five prostitutes, the 71-year-old’s reign as FIA president has ended and the British tabloid closed.

But despite winning a similar case in Britain, his lawyers have been in France’s Tribunal de Grande Instance this week pressing another case against the report’s chief reporter.

Because the News of the World report and video footage was available within France, Mosley sued journalist Neville Thurlbeck for defamation and breach of privacy.

He is seeking EUR 100,000 in damages from both the News of the World and Thurlbeck, according to The Guardian.

“Every copy of the paper distributed was a thorn in the skin of Mr Mosley. Every one was a prejudice,” said Mosley’s lawyer Philippe Ouakrat.

But Thurlbeck’s lawyer told the hearing on Tuesday that Mosley should not be able to sue twice for the same offense.

“Mr Mosley has already gained satisfaction in England,” said Jean-Frederic Gaultier. “This case here is not about justice but about vengeance.”

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