Mosley shames Howett after failed walkout

Sat, 16 May 2009, 05:59

May 16 (GMM) Max Mosley has named and shamed Toyota’s John Howett as a “childish” team boss who was “ignored” by his formula one colleagues on Friday

The FIA president revealed to the BBC that Briton Howett, president of the Toyota team, kicked off Friday’s FOTA meeting by asking his colleagues to walk out when the controversial budget cap was to be discussed

“I thought it was completely childish,” Mosley said, admitting that the culprit had been “John Howett, the Toyota man”

When asked if the other team bosses heeded Howett’s proposal, Mosley answered: “They ignored him.”nnIn the interview, Mosley also supported Bernie Ecclestone’s claim that the so-called ‘two-tier’ element of the 2010 rules has been completely dropped

In the media statements issued by Ferrari and Renault earlier this week, the teams indicated that this was their biggest qualm about next year’s regulations

“The decision of the (FIA) to introduce two sets of … technical regulations … has caused the Renault Group to reconsider its entry in next year’s … championship,” said Renault

Mosley said: “I think we’re all agreed now that it’s desirable that all the teams race under the same regulations. I think there’s no difficulty about that.”nnThe FIA president also doubted that, in a Paris hearing next Tuesday, the court will accept the FIA’s application for an injunction against the 2010 rules

“I would be surprised,” Mosley said, “but obviously with the courts you never know.”n

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