Mosley tells moaning Red Bull to ‘live with it’

Thu, 26 March 2015, 09:35

Mar.26 (GMM) Max Mosley has told those complaining about the F1 rules to “live with it”.

As Red Bull protests bitterly about Mercedes’ domination amid arguably overly-complex and foolhardy regulations, Dr Helmut Marko pointed his finger at the FIA.

“We need a leadership in formula one that can force decisions,” he told Speed Week. “Just as it was under Max Mosley.”

Mosley, who was succeeded by the low-profile Jean Todt as FIA president, reportedly scoffed at the suggestion, telling the Times that only unanimity could force a change.

“And I very much doubt that they will all agree,” said the 74-year-old.

“They all signed up to this and they have to live with it.”

Mosley said any team complaining about the rules on the basis that one competitor is overly dominant is “very much pots and kettles”.

“They never complain about domination when they are dominating, just when they are on the wrong end of what is happening,” he insisted.

“Domination is in the nature of the sport, going right back to the mid-1950s when Mercedes dominated then.”

Mosley separately told the City A.M. publication, however, that the way the sport’s almost $1 billion prize fund is distributed could be done “more fairly”.

He told correspondents Christian Sylt and Kate Hewitt that “the effect of having vastly more money is exactly the same as having a bigger engine”.

But Mosley also blames F1’s competitors.

“The teams have spent too much and the manufacturers are charging far too much for their engines,” he told the Times.

“Now the signs are that one team will dominate the sport for two or three years to come, and there is nothing anyone can do about it unless they all agree. And that is not going to happen,” Mosley added.

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