Mosley to decide future in October

Sat, 26 January 2008, 01:29

Max Mosley will decide whether to seek re-election as president of F1’s governing body, the FIA, in October this year.

October 2008 is twelve months before the Paris-based body, made up of motor sport clubs from around the world, is set to decide on its new chief.

“It really depends on how you feel; what the clubs feel. I would not want to go on doing it for ever,” Mosley, who is 67, is quoted as saying by the British newspaper The Independent.

He suggests that he is enthused by his next goals for formula one — paving the way for the introduction of budget caps, and the advent of the energy-recovery, or KERS, era.

“My last big project is to get the search for extra horsepower away from making the engines run faster and moving towards KERS, heat recovery, exhaust energy recovery,” he said.

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