Mosley would back GP format overhaul

Mon, 4 June 2007, 10:34

Max Mosley says the FIA would endorse Flavio Briatore and Bernie Ecclestone’s plans to revolutionise the grand prix race format.

Renault team boss Briatore said earlier this year that, to spice up the spectacle, F1 should mimic the junior category GP2 and split its results over two short heats.

His plan, also endorsed by F1 supremo Ecclestone, would involve also banning refuelling and using a reverse grid for the main race.

Mosley told the Italian magazine Autosprint: “If people like Flavio or Bernie want to change the regulations … it’s all fine for us, as long as they are fair rules equal for all.”

But the FIA president cautioned that any such overhaul would be the final say of the World Council.

He also suggested that a better way to improve the racing would be to design cars and circuits that are more conducive to overtaking — and one way would be to introduce rules that standardise chassis bodywork.

“Nothing else will work,” Mosley said.

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