Murray Walker returns

Fri, 28 October 2005, 11:19

After having announced his retirement at the 2001 U.S. Grand Prix, legendary TV commentator Murray Walker today returns to the commentary box with new racing series Grand Prix Masters. The fan’s favourite is gearing up again to say “Go, Go, Go!” when the inaugural Altech Grand Prix Masters South Africa race is launched in Kyalami on 11th – 13th November 2005. ‘The voice’ as he is affectionately known is instantly familiar to millions of viewers around the world and during a historic gathering of Grand Prix Masters drivers at Silverstone today, Murray was emotionally re-acquainted with many of the racers who he so famously commented on during his 53- year reign as the people’s favourite. Nigel Mansell, Emerson Fittipaldi, Ricardo Patrese, Derek Warwick, Andrea de Cesaris, and Patrick Tambay were amongst some of the great names who participated in the two-test session at Silverstone ahead of the inaugural race in two weeks time.

“When I retired in 2001, I vowed never ever to return to the commentary box and I sincerely meant it,” said a delighted Murray. “Nobody made me retire but after 53 years I wanted to walk away with dignity while still being at the top of my game. It was a decision taken with a clear and relaxed conscious and since retiring, I have been on the receiving end of many offers including some from several new motor racing championships. I have had the willpower to say ‘no’ to every offer proposed but my steely resolve melted away when Grand Prix Masters approached me,” added Murray. “The Masters concept is a tried, tested and extremely successful formula in other sports and it works because it is personality driven. This series is about people and characters, including some of the most famous names ever to grace a motor racing circuit,” added Murray. “Watching Nigel Mansell and many other heroes climb back into thoroughbred grand prix cars this morning was very moving and surreal. It reinforced just how much I have missed being away and the thought of being at Kyalami in two weeks from now sends shivers down my spine! The Grand Masters series will be a huge success I’m sure and after having seen these drivers and cars in action today, the fans are going to be bowled over by the spectacle that awaits them in two weeks from now. These cars boast over 600 horse power which is way beyond what some of these drivers raced in the early 90s. The series will also travel to some fantastic circuits next year and I am thrilled to bringing the show into people’s living room’s once again,” said Murray.

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