New Barcelona mayor says F1 funding ‘not priority’

Thu, 28 May 2015, 09:35

May 28 (GMM) The Spanish grand prix might be losing the backing of the city of Barcelona.

At the Circuit de Catalunya’s latest F1 race earlier this month, it was announced that the Spanish grand prix contract has been extended through 2017, 2018 and 2019.

But on Sunday, while F1 cars raced around Monaco, the people of Barcelona went to the polls and elected a new mayor — Ada Colau.

Spanish newspapers now quote her as saying the EUR 4 million annually contributed by the city to the Spanish grand prix might be in doubt.

“In the context of what is happening (in Barcelona), formula one is not the priority,” Colau is quoted as saying.

She explained: “It is not a question is being against anything. We are happy to collaborate in all types of sporting events that may occur in Barcelona or in the surrounding area.

“But Barcelona must have clear priorities, and we have ours,” Colau insisted.

As an example, she said “the same annual amount” spent by Barcelona on formula one each year could fund some 4,500 scholarships.

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