New car to be 100% Super Aguri

Tue, 5 December 2006, 08:17

Super Aguri managing director Daniele Audetto has moved to calm speculation following the Japanese team’s use of a 2006 Honda chassis in winter testing last week.

Calling the repainted machine the ‘SAF1 Team Interim Car’, Leafield based Aguri raised concerns when – in the hands of 27-year-old former Honda test driver Anthony Davidson – the car lapped at Circuit de Catalunya close to the best times of the team’s works partner.

While the regulations for 2008 and beyond will allow the use of customer cars, the practice is still to be fundamentally prohibited next year.

Referring to the ‘Interim’ car, Audetto told Reuters: “(It) will gather all the information regarding the new tyres which we will bring to the new SA07, which we will probably present at the beginning of February.

“It will be a Super Aguri (car) 100 percent.”

He nonetheless admitted that Honda’s support in the future is to be ‘very strong’, and made no secret that Super Aguri then intend to use the ’08 rules to full effect.

“We (will be able to) share the same car,” Audetto insisted, “and then what will count is the drivers, the racing team, the strategy.

“Potentially a small team with a very good car, with good drivers and strategy and a little luck could eventually win a grand prix in 2008.”


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