New contract could take another ‘month’ – Hamilton

Fri, 16 June 2023, 09:00

Jun.16 (GMM) Lewis Hamilton has hit back at boss Toto Wolff’s claims that signatures on a 2024 contract extension may be just “days” away.

Mercedes chief Wolff had even hinted that the long-delayed deal could be signed and sealed prior to the Canadian GP on Sunday.

“I don’t really have a huge amount to say on the contractual side of things,” Hamilton, 38, said in Montreal. “It’ll get done when it’s done.

“If that’s next week, if that’s in a month’s time, as long as it gets done I’m not really bothered.”

The seven time world champion did, however, hint that Wolff’s claims that the pair would get together for contract talks whilst they were both in New York earlier this week may be true.

“I’ve seen Toto, we’ve talked several times, we have a great relationship but there’s nothing else to say at the moment,” said Hamilton.

He said some “progress” has been made.

“Yeah, but nothing else new to really add to it.”

Some believe the impasse is simply about money, while there are also rumours that the main stumbling blocks are allowances in the new deal for Hamilton’s diversity projects such as Mission 44.

“I think we already covered a lot of that already in the previous contract,” said Hamilton.

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