New Ferrari to look different for ’07 start

Tue, 9 January 2007, 08:55

Ferrari’s new single seater for 2007, to be launched on Sunday, will undergo a major visual bodywork overhaul before it makes its race debut in Australia, we can reveal.

It is understood that substantial elements of the car’s aerodynamic profile are still in the design phase, which could explain speculation that the so-far unnamed car may not be “ready” for the official unveiling in Italy.

Team CEO and principal Jean told the newspaper Corriere della Sera that Ferrari aims to give Felipe Massa – who will debut the car at Fiorano on Monday – and Kimi Raikkonen a “great car”.

He said: “Schumacher wouldn’t have won 72 grands prix with Ferrari if he didn’t have a great team made of excellent professionals and if he didn’t race with a very strong car.

“We’ll do the utmost to put Raikkonen and Massa in those same conditions.”


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