New Jersey back on track for 2014 – promoter

Fri, 8 March 2013, 07:35

Mar.8 (GMM) New Jersey is back on track for a grand prix in 2014, promoter Leo Hindery has announced.

The Manhattan-skyline street race was due to make its debut on this year’s calendar, but the organisers fell behind on road repairs and obtaining event permits.

Hindery told Sports Business Daily: “I think that Bernie (Ecclestone) made absolutely the right decision (to delay).”

But he added: “We are back under construction.

“We have the consents in place that we didn’t have last fall, and we will quite comfortably put the race on, now probably in the mid-year of 2014 with (Ecclestone’s) support.”

F1 chief executive Ecclestone, however, indicated that New Jersey’s problems were not only to do with approvals, or the repair and asphalting of the roads.

“It’s a problem for the people that started this, and I think it’s basically a financial problem,” he said.

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