New McLaren hearing ‘necessary’ – Mosley

Sat, 8 December 2007, 12:56

Max Mosley on Friday confirmed suspicions that McLaren has reason to be worried about its next trip to the World Motor Sport Council.

The FIA body in Monaco ruled that, following an investigation into the legality of the team’s 2008 car, another detailed hearing should be held in mid February.

Ferrari and other teams will be allowed to make representations about the FIA inspectors’ report, that was tabled in the Monaco meeting on Friday.

“We would have very much liked to end this unfortunate chapter today, but another hearing is necessary,” FIA president Mosley said in an interview with Auto Motor und Sport.

He added: “Believe me; if we fly 26 people from all around the world, then we have good reasons.”

It is now strongly suspected that, based on the FIA inspections, the report found that McLaren’s 2008 car cannot simply be given a clean bill of health in terms of whether Ferrari intellectual property has been used for its design.

Mosley says McLaren is already aware of the FIA’s concerns.

“They were informed early on about our doubts,” he said. “They will have had sufficient time to react should the doubt be confirmed.”

He also rebuked suggestions that the FIA is guilty of double standards in continuing to pursue McLaren but letting Renault off the hook for a similar case of spying.

“McLaren was punished because they did not tell the truth on 26 July. It was stated that the information had flowed exclusively to Mike Coughlan.

“Renault admitted from the outset that the information was discussed among a wider circle of engineers,” Mosley explained.

“I do not have a problem with Ron (Dennis),” he continued. “I just want to hear the truth if we have to solve an internal problem.

“During the World Council meeting on 26 July I have the impression that he did not tell us the truth.”

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