New Renault hits the scene

Tue, 10 January 2006, 01:31

Renault’s 2006 challenger, the R26, made its track debut today as a series of shake down laps were completed during the first testing session at Jerez. No photos are available as yet but the livery is, as expected familiar.

Main differences seem to be more sculpted side pods, a more pointed top air intake with its winglets sitting slightly lower and, of course, number 2 painted on the nose as a reminder that this team currently holds the constructor’s world championship. The famous “gills” running along the back of the side pods have also disappeared – potentially due to the fact that V8’s are reportedly easier to keep cool than the outgoing V10’s.

This was also the first time Renault’s V8 engine saw the track, the team opting to test with restricted V10 engines until the winter break.

Should any testing times become available they will be published here!

Edu de Jager

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