New rules to spice up GP starts – Heidfeld

Wed, 2 January 2008, 02:24

A new set of rules could have an immediate impact on the 2008 formula one championship, according to BMW-Sauber’s Nick Heidfeld.

The German driver told his website that he is “anxious” to see the effect that the ban on driver aids including traction and launch control will have when the five start-lights extinguish in Melbourne this March.

“In past years we had the launch control or at least some help,” Heidfeld, who is 30, said.

“That is why the starts were always pretty predictable. In the beginning Renault always had fantastic starts and after that we had very good starts.

“Before the return of the launch control it was easy to gain or lose positions during the start. So next season will be more interesting again,” he added.

Heidfeld also predicts that the absence of traction control in 2008 is going to spice up the sport.

“There’s going to be more drifts,” he said, “you will make mistakes more easily which should lead to more overtaking manoeuvres — especially when you are under pressure.”

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