New Toro Rosso faces delay

Wed, 10 January 2007, 04:44

Toro Rosso has cancelled its first planned test in January because of a delay with the new ‘STR2’ car, according to team racer Vitantonio Liuzzi.

The 25-year-old Italian, who insists that the eventual confirmation of his seat for 2007 is “purely a formality”, also told a newspaper that the new Ferrari powered car is running late.

“The STR2 will take a few days longer to finish than planned, so we have cancelled the first test at the end of January,” Liuzzi told the newspaper Salzburg Nachrichten whilst training near Red Bull’s base in Austria.

He added that the car, reportedly to be similar or nearly identical to Red Bull Racing’s Adrian Newey-penned RB3, will instead make its test debut in early February at a winter circuit in Spain.

“Then we go to Bahrain,” Liuzzi added, referring to the back to back offshore tests in late February and early March.


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