New tyre rule not ‘silly’ – Sam Michael

Mon, 5 February 2007, 05:07

Sam Michael has taken issue with some drivers’ claim that a new tyre rule for F1 in 2007 is “silly”.

Red Bull’s David Coulthard and Mark Webber, who have both raced for Grove based Williams in the past, led the assault on a regulation that will force drivers to use two types of tyre specification in each race.

“There’s not exactly going to be a great deal of suspense,” said Coulthard, predicting that all drivers will logically opt to run the slowest spec at the end of races because the likelihood for overtaking is smaller.

But Williams’ technical director Michael, 35, thinks there will be variety in terms of tyre strategy in 2007.

“You could do short first stints on soft tyres, or you could do them at the end,” he said, explaining that different specifications could suit teams at different points of each grand prix.

Sam Michael supports the rule that he says was devised so that tyres are still a talking point even in the absence of a tyre war.

“It adds another small element to the show,” he added.


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