Newey admits to pre-launch ‘tension’

Wed, 24 January 2007, 12:35

Adrian Newey on Tuesday admitted to “tension” ahead of the launch of his first Red Bull in 2007.

At a media event at Salzburg, the championship winning formula one designer likened the unveiling of a racer he has penned to the birth of a “baby”.

The RB3, Newey’s first full effort since leaving McLaren, will be shown to the world on Friday in Barcelona.

“The fact that it is the first Red Bull for which I am responsible naturally makes the tension much higher,” the Briton told the Austrian news agency APA.

With billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz writing the cheques, Newey at the drawing board and a Renault engine contract in the bag, expectations for the 2008 season are high.

Newey, though, is trying to play down the hype.

“Of course I hope that we do a good job,” he said, “but I try not to get carried away.

“I am not a fan of setting goals. My motto is; work as hard as you can and then see where it gets you.”


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