Nick’s $245k shunt

Tue, 4 July 2006, 06:46

BMW-Sauber has estimated the damage caused by Nick Heidfeld’s frightening shunt at Indianapolis at a cool $245,000 (US) – or 300,000 Swiss Francs – according to ‘Blick’.

As well as smashed bodywork, the main expense is the totally-destroyed wheel suspension, technical director Willy Rampf said.

Reportedly, the actual monocoque has been spared.

”Actually, impact-wise, it was very, very small,” Heidfeld explained after barrel-rolling four or five times.

Holding his helmet while talking to reporters, which had filled up with gravel, he added: ”It was the first somersault, or whatever you call it, I’ve had. But I am fine.”


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