No early Renault release for Alonso

Mon, 20 November 2006, 07:51

Fernando Alonso has failed to secure an early release from his 2006 Renault contract.

The world champion, whose contract expires naturally on 31 December, vowed last month to ‘push’ for the reprieve, so that he can make his test debut for McLaren before the new year.

But it is understood that Renault did not agree to release 25-year-old Alonso chiefly so the French manufacturer can exploit his back-to-back drivers’ championship in 2006 before he switches to a rival.

McLaren can hardly complain, however, as the Woking based team intends to compel Kimi Raikkonen to honour his existing own contract until the last day of December before he becomes Michael Schumacher’s replacement at Ferrari.


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