No F1 return ‘in short term’ – Alonso

Sat, 28 September 2019, 10:35

Sep.28 (GMM) Fernando Alonso says he does not want to return to Formula 1 “in the short term”.

At the moment, the highly rated Spaniard is preparing for a forthcoming rally-raid event in Morocco.

“I will decide about the Dakar rally based on the next rally in Morocco,” Alonso said at the launch of a video game called Grid on which he was a consultant.

But Alonso, 38, says he doesn’t mind that he is so often asked about the possibility of a return to F1.

“I don’t have plans to return in the short term,” he answered.

“I decided to leave last year to take a breath after 18 years at the highest level and total dedication, and not much has changed.

“F1 requires 365 days a year of commitment and now I am breathing a little. When I have enough air I will think about returning or not,” Alonso said.

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