‘No Ferrari overalls’ in wardrobe yet – Vettel

Tue, 17 July 2012, 09:35

Jul.17 (GMM) Sebastian Vettel has denied yet again that a picture of his future would prominently feature the colour red.

Asked mischievously by the German newspaper Bild if he has any red clothes in his wardrobe already, the 25-year-old answered: “Ok, I can guess what you are after.

“Well, I definitely don’t have any Ferrari overalls,” Vettel, who is contracted to stay at Red Bull at least for another season in 2013, added.

The speculation is rampant — multiple media sources insist the German has signed some sort of ‘pre-contract’, while Ferrari bosses have been quoted as openly praising the reigning world champion’s skills.

“I am honoured that Stefano Domenicali and Luca di Montezemolo have said they could see me as a Ferrari driver,” Vettel acknowledged.

“But that’s it. The truth is that I have not signed, I have not shaken any hands.

“But if you would ask the 24 drivers in formula one if they would like to be with Ferrari at some point in their career, they would all say yes.

“It’s just an awesome racing team. But everything has to fit,” insisted Vettel.

“Who knows, maybe it will and suddenly I will go somewhere else. But it may be that I never go anywhere else simply because there is no better package than Red Bull,” he added.

Vettel denied that he has already made plans beyond 2013.

“No, no and no,” he insisted. “I really have enough to think about this season; the here and now is so crucial because it’s already hard enough to defend my title this year.

“I can not and will not concern myself with what is maybe going to happen in a few years. It is much, much, much too early.”

He did not deny, however, that he has had some contact with Ferrari chiefs.

“There is always contact,” he admitted, “but just because I stand in the paddock and talk with Stefano Domenicali does not mean that soon I’m driving for him.”

And he dismissed suggestions all the Ferrari flirting could be a rival’s tactic to destabilise reigning champions Red Bull.

“There’s no problem at Red Bull,” Vettel insisted, “and my bosses know exactly how I feel — we deal with each other absolutely openly.”

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