No-go for night races yet – Mosley

Fri, 25 May 2007, 01:59

FIA president Max Mosley insisted in Monaco that F1’s governing body has not yet sanctioned Bernie Ecclestone’s plans for night racing.

Ecclestone, the F1 supremo, has busily been organising floodlit events in Singapore and possibly Malaysia and Australia for as soon as next year, but Mosley said on Thursday that the FIA must give the final go-ahead.

“There is still no criteria for it,” the Briton said, explaining that if a formal request for night racing is ultimately made, it could be the decision of the World Council to sanction or disallow it.

Mosley added: “We will not sanction night racing if it does not fulfil all of the safety conditions.”

The Briton did, however, offer full support for Ecclestone’s desire for more street circuits, but insisted that they must all satisfy the safety requirements of normal permanent venues.

Only Monaco, Mosley said, is the exception.

“Monaco has been a part of formula one for 70 or 80 years,” he said, “but we can’t tear down the buildings so that the run-off distances are better.

“New city courses (however) must fulfil the same criteria as any other circuit, in terms of safety.”

He also revealed that Ecclestone has not yet requested a grand prix date for the Japanese circuit Suzuka next year, contrary to suggestions that the popular circuit could return.

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