No NASCAR move for Villeneuve?

Mon, 13 November 2006, 11:16

Jacques Villeneuve will likely not be part of the Roush Racing team next season as earlier reports suggested.

Villeneuve had been in talks with the elite team about driving in 2007 as part of their NASCAR Busch Series squad as a prelude to jumping to the Cup side.

But yesterday Roush Racing general manager Geoff Smith told the Toronto Sun that there is now only a remote chance that the Canadian will join the team next season.

“We’re nowhere in that as regards ’07. There are just general discussions that are going on, but I don’t see us being able to make an arrangement to pull together a program where we are today. It’s possible that we do something. It’s an outside shot given the timing of the year.”

Smith said that they had not given up on Villeneuve, however, and that more talks are possible.

“There’s no commitment going back and forth either way other than we’d be interested in doing a program with him,” Smith said. “He’s 35 years old, Formula One champion. If he wants to be here, I think he could do a great job here in a pretty short period of time.”

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