No problem with ‘special’ Hamilton’s skydiving – Wolff

Mon, 11 April 2022, 10:00

Apr.11 (GMM) Lewis Hamilton is allowed to do “everything” whilst away from the Formula 1 circuits.

That is how Toto Wolff responded when asked how Mercedes feels about paying the seven time world champion so much whilst he risks his life with off-track activities like ten skydives in a single day.

In between the Saudi Arabian and Australian grands prix, 37-year-old Hamilton travelled to Dubai where he indulged in a day of solo diving.

“I’ve been skydiving for several years, but logically with the pandemic I couldn’t practice,” he is quoted by Marca sports newspaper in Spain.

“I did 10 jumps and learned something new with each one. It’s a fantastic way to clear your mind before focusing on the next race.”

Some F1 teams expressly and contractually forbid drivers from participating in dangerous non-racing activities, but Wolff says the situation with Hamilton could not be more different.

“I allow everything,” he told Osterreich newspaper.

“Because that’s what makes Lewis special. Others meditate or run, but Lewis jumps out of a plane to clear his head. And he should!

“As long as the performance is right, he can do anything. And believe me, the performance will be right again soon.”

Hamilton also seems determined to buck the explicit Formula 1 rules this year, after the sport’s new directors made clear that drivers may not wear jewellery whilst in the car.

The British driver responded by saying he would go to the next race at Imola with “more jewellery”.

“They’ll be staying,” he said after Sunday’s race in Melbourne.

“I feel like you should be able to be who you are. And they’re stuff I can’t move. I literally can’t even take these ones in my right ear out. They’re literally welded in, so I’d have to get them chopped off or something.”

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