‘No reason’ to change drivers for 2021 – Seidl

Wed, 19 February 2020, 07:35

Feb.19 (GMM) McLaren has “no reason” to contemplate changing drivers ahead of the 2021 season, according to team boss Andreas Seidl.

Carlos Sainz said recently that he wants a new contract for 2021, and McLaren is also happy with its other new driver last year – Lando Norris.

When asked about the 2021 ‘silly season’ that is already starting to heat up, Seidl said: “I begin by saying that we like clarity, and as soon as possible.

“But on this issue in particular there is no hurry to make decisions or announcements. We are about to start the 2020 season and we are very happy with Lando and Carlos,” he told AS newspaper.

“What is important is that we take the next step as a team, and I am sure the drivers can use all the learning from last year.

“Thinking about the future, I think we have no reason to change anything,” Seidl added.

Seidl also reiterated said Sainz and Norris enjoy equal status.

“At the beginning of the season they are free to compete as long as they do not touch each other,” he said.

“Depending on where we are in the championship there may then be certain decisions that allow us to extract the best positions in the world championships.”

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